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New Yorker


With more than 815 branches in 30 countries New Yorker is one of the largest fashion companies operating in Europe.


Since opening the first store in Flensburg in Northern Germany in 1971, New Yorker has grown continuously. More than 15,000 full- and part-time workers now belong to the New Yorker team. Contrary to the general trend New Yorker has continuously recorded strong growth and increased profitability in recent years. This success is due to effective market positioning and extensive expansion in Europe.


The fiscal year 2009 was concluded with a turnover of around 1.6 billion Euros. The company has grown 14 percent in exchange rate adjusted terms. According to forecasts, New Yorker’s success will continue in 2010 - more than 850 branches are expected to generate a turnover of nearly 1.7 billion Euros. The headquarters is in Brunswick. On the board are Friedrich Knapp, Dr. Florian Kall, Helene Steiner, Holger Meißner and Thomas Krecklenberg.


The New Yorker range consists mainly of young fashion, jeans, sportswear and street wear for a young, fashion-conscious target group, which is complemented by a wide range of accessories and underwear. The collections are adjusted seasonally are changed each season and are particularly characterized by their up-to-dateness. By purchasing globally, New Yorker is able to quickly act on the latest fashion trends.


The New Yorker range consists of the following own brands:


  • fishbone, fishbone sister and big buddha: these brands particularly address all the young people     who want to emphasize their personality with the cool street wear. fishbone sister is characterized by hugging, yet sporty cuts. fishbone stands for sporty casuals and an unlimited variety of colours and shapes.
  • amisu and smog: the amisu line for fashion conscious women features feminine, elegant cuts.    
  • Modern Basics encounter unusual details. The smog label offers young men, both classic and clean looks and street-style elements, with a focus on casual wear and denim.
  • censored: romantic bras, corsets and seductive lacy undies are available from this own brand as well as sporty panties and feather light negligees.
  • swimwear: the swimwear collection creates a dazzling impression with elaborate details like sequins, pearls and rhinestone applications.  
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